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Acceleration/Enrichment Program

St. Patrick School (SPS) is committed to the development of the whole child – their intellect and spirituality, as well as their social and physical development.
  • We strive to help our students experience Christian living through liturgy, sacramental life, prayer, guidance and, most importantly, example
  • We foster a positive attitude toward lifelong education by providing our children with an atmosphere where they can grow and develop academically in a loving environment full of challenges and enriching experiences
  • We know that each child is unique, possessing individual gifts and talents
  • We respect and nurture individual differences while developing each student to his or her fullest potential
  • We want our children to be happy children who love learning and when they leave us, they leave with a strong academic background so they can achieve any goal they set out to have
  • We want our children to have a strong faith and be proud self-confident people who will change the world
With the help of our enrichment and acceleration teacher we are able to provide additional support to enrich or accelerate students to meet their academic goals. The program allows us to provide small group or one on one instruction to meet the best learning environment with interventions which allow us to assist our students at their own academic level.