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Academic Overview


In conjunction with the Mission Statement and Philosophy of Saint Patrick School, the administration and staff have implemented a strong curriculum developed by the Diocese of Corpus Christi Catholic Schools Office. It emphasizes the core subjects of Religion, Social Studies, Science, Math and Language Arts, all provided in a safe and caring, Christ-centered environment.


The SPS preschool program is developmentally appropriate, constructed to develop students’ abilities academically, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually. Each day’s schedule includes small and large group instruction, centers, outside guided and free play. Each K-3 and K-4 class is led by a full-time teacher and teacher’s assistant.

Primary and Intermediate

Instruction in the upper grades includes Religion, Mathematics, all of the Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Health. The school utilizes the Sadlier Math and Religion Programs, Rowland Reading “Superkids” in grades Kinder through third grade, Houghton Mifflin reading in grades 4-6, supplemented by authentic literature, Harcourt Science and Social Studies and Modern Curriculum Press Phonics.

The Accelerated Math Program is used for remediation and enrichment in 1st through 6th grades. Accelerated Reading supplements our Language Arts program in K-5 and continues through 6th grade.

Special Classes

Students in all grade levels experience weekly classes in Spanish, Computer Applications, Guidance, Art and Music. Each student has a daily PE class.

Academic Experiences

Students are encouraged to participate in the Annual Science Fair, Spelling Bee and academic competitions. The school administers the Stanford Achievement Test in the fall of each year to grades 1-6. The test results are used diagnostically, enabling the teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child, class and grade level. The faculty and administration of St. Patrick School believe that assessment is critical to monitoring student progress, identifying priorities and evaluating appropriate teaching strategies. Collaboration among teachers across grade levels is essential to monitor student development and achievement. Teachers continue their own education throughout their careers to enhance their teaching skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of children.

The school also has an extensive Library and Study Center along with a Computer Lab, Art Lab and Music Room.

Saint Patrick School, along with all the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, is on a modified Year Round School Calendar. The school year begins in the middle of August and ends the last week of May. The calendar includes a one-week fall break in early October, a week long Thanksgiving break, traditional Christmas Holidays, Spring Break and an extended Easter Break.

After graduating from St. Patrick School at the completion of sixth grade, students maintain high standards and perform well through middle school, high school and college.